Sometimes you need a little glitter of magic in your Instagram gallery to spruce up the cat memes, baby photos, and endless array of over-saturated sunsets (hashtag blessed). These galleries are all about Italy, and the spirit of wonder, delight and deliciousness that the country offers. No touristy shots here, all special and intimate looks at Italian local's dreamy lives.

 8. ELENA CIPRIETTI - @elenaciprietti

An Italian-New Yorker social media manager for a brand of luxe hotels, Elena travels all around Italy and has a killer eye for the perfect shot. She'll make you dream of booking your next hotel in Italy with Belmond.

7. NOT MY NONNI - @notmynonni

Humorous and adorable little feed literally meaning "not my grandparents," featuring the great signori of Italia in all their senior glory.

6. WHAT ITALY IS - @whatitalyis

Classic and interesting professional images of la bella Italia, capturing its famous golden light with awe-inducing magic.

5. CUCINA DIGITALE - @cucinadigitale

Nicolee Drake is a gallivanting professional photographer, who delights with photos of Rome, her home, and beyond. Follow for interesting intimate angles of the detailed day-to-day.

4. THE BRAND - @thebrand79

Hunky, stylish, and Roman- that is what you'll get from The Brand's sexy Instagram. The author is a beautiful bearded model, and professional photographer with a sweet spot for Italian design.

3. GIGI GUIDES - @gigiguides

These Italian travel guides are created by Yoga Soule's friends and Cinque Terre neighbors over at Italian Fix, and their Instagram is equal parts eye candy, equal parts useful travel info. Check out their blog for abridged travel tips, featured in their bio link.

2. ILENIA MODICA - @lulamae_yleny

A young architecture student in Sicily, Ilenia's pastel-hued feed is a work of art. Her attention to architectural details outlined in captions are in Italian, but translation isn't even necessary, as her perspective so captures Italian building's beauty.

1. IDONI - @idoniveneto

This shoe company designs and produces their shoes in Venice, and their gallery is a perfect marriage of modern and historic Venetian-inspired images. In my opinion, Idoni has the #1 most creative and delicious Instagram galleries on the market, ragazze, and you can grab some for yourself for free in wallpaper downloads from the link in their bio.

BONUS: Ours! - @yogasoule

As Riviera locals, we highlight our hometown today and in its Golden Era heyday, our favorite local hot spots in Cinque Terre and Portofino, behind-the-scenes tours, and tons of pizza. Dive into the dolce vita and explore with us!