My true confession: I am kinda tired of the prettily posed, slimmed and trimmed insta-famous yoga feeds out there. I like a little visual play, a true representation of humanity's yoga community, and a little giggle every once in awhile. I don't want to see another handstand silhouette on a sunset beach as I'm scrolling through my feed. So, here are my favorite 7 that are definitely not that.

8. YOGA213 - @yoga213

Self-proclaimed Hip Hop Yoga studio in Australia, their studio features a painting of Notorious BIG in the lobby, hanging ferns in the class, and a glowing pineapple in the doorway. They celebrate all bodies and people in their gallery.

7. INNER SPACE YOGA - @innerspaceyoga

Unique, trippy, artsy yogic-inspired images from this Kansas City-based yoga studio, their tagline is "High fives for high vibes." And if New Age Friday is there, you know it's a good gallery.


Ok so the Aussie yoga studios are kind of winning at the Insta game, and these guys are another example. Mother-daughter love, ocean fun, and all-around happy faces and bodies are the main features of this gorgeous gallery.

5. BAHA YOGA CLUB - @bahayogaclub

I love how this yogi finds yoga in the most unique of history, fashion, and art photography. I follow along for laughs and deep quotes and interesting inspiration for my classes.

4. TUTTI DEL MONTE - @tuttidelmonte

Tutti is a Puerto Rican yogi-photographer-writer, and her color-coded gallery is a celebration of femininity, movement, and authenticity. Her captions express her vulnerable heart, her subjects are women of all sizes, shapes and colors, and her softly faded images feel alive.

3. MEDITATE FOREVER - @meditate4ever

This adorable London-based couple host digital meditation and yoga classes and workshops all about making meditation approachable and fun. Their gallery is visually poppy with captions that are all about teaching and growing a meditation practice. And how doesn't love founder Lacey's bright yellow hair? Grab their free intro classes with the link in their bio.

2. THAT YOGA WORD - @thatyogaword

These guys are color-coded to the max, flowing from funky designs to inspirational words, to kickass yogis, all in rainbow order.

1. Y7 YOGA STUDIO - @y7studio

Their tagline is "A tribe called sweat," they've got "We flow hard" on the studio wall, and post visual peeks at their featured artists in their weekly Vinyasa classes. Their digital store linked in their bio features super hip hop yoga rad shirts, bags and leggings. After hanging out in their black and white gallery, all I want to do is put on some Kanye and rock out hard.

BONUS: Us - @yogasoule

Our real-life yoga practices are filled with sweat, smiles, and imperfect postures, so our Insta gallery celebrates this! Also, we are suckers for delicious Italian backgrounds, which you'll get plenty of.

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